Monday, July 25, 2016
Weinig and Holz-Her bring the next generation to W16

Weinig - the technology leader in standard machines for planing and profiling, and Holz-her - the high quality panel processing machine specialist will be showcasing their latest innovations as part of the Weinig Group’s presence across three stands around M810 at this year’s W16 Exhibition.

Weinig at W16

In 2004, Weinig began a new era for planing and profiling with the introduction of the Powermat series. Now, Weinig’s next generation is the all-new Powermat 700 which sets the highest standards for four sided processing with the most user-friendly moulder on the market.

The new Powermat series underlines Weinig's position as the technology leader in standard machines for planing and profiling. For workshops, the new Powermat 700 entry model ensures production in Weinig quality and with maximum profitability, regardless of the batch size. The combination of proven technology and innovation offering a genuine competitive future-proof investment.

CNC flexibility is key

In solid wood manufacturing today, flexibility is the key. Whether you are switching from making ‘A’ energy rated timber windows to creating workpieces with complex shapes, Weinig’s Multirex CNC uses the very latest technology to make easy work of the most challenging manufacturing, opening up new production potential.

Weinig’s long understanding of the changing needs of solid timber processing makes all the difference. The Multirex CNC features innovative and robust clamping technology specifically developed to guarantee the precise machining of solid timber components.

Open software architecture means that no ongoing licence fees are needed which might restrict future choice and company development.

The perfect processing centre for any business that needs flexibility combined with economy; the Multirex is unique in its price category.

Holz-Her at W16

At W16, Holz-Her will feature the latest in its range of vertical CNC machining centre solutions - the Holz-Her Evolution 7405.

With a machine footprint of less than 5m2, an easy to use interface, and a patent pending 4-sided milling facility, the Holz-Her Evolution’s versatility and flexibility makes machining cambered parts such as furniture fronts and counter tops easy and fast.

Precise complete machining on all four workpiece edges as well as the surface allows panels to be formatted completely, resulting in perfect workpieces completely grooved and profiled on all edges (patent pending). Upgrade to the 7.5 kW HSK spindle with tool changer for 6 tools, and the machine also allows profile milling, point thinning and engraving with automatic tool change.

The vacuum-based clamping system (patent pending) is gentle on material and being equipped with software-controlled suction cup positioning with hole recognition, workpieces with lengths of up to 1,500mm can be machined on all sides without re-clamping. This guarantees extremely short cycle times (up to 35% shorter machining cycles) and maximum precision, even on long parts.

Effortless edgebanding with a PURfect finish

In response to customer demand for fine to zero glue lines, all Holz-Her edgebanders are capable of delivering a fine glue line as standard.

From the smallest edgebanders to the largest production solution, each comes with Holz-Her’s unique and award-winning Glu Jet system as standard, catering for every size and type of business. Be it high gloss or solid wood edging, the system is both flexible and versatile and comes with a three year warranty.

This is industrial technology for all – you can now process PUR glue as standard, but without the hassle. As the benchmark for professional cabinet makers, most manufacturers would use PUR, but not all machinery can cope with it. With the Glu Jet ready to use in under four minutes with EVA or PUR, Holz-Her’s unique system is the right solution for any edgebanding requirements. Program selection allows the machine to be set up without even opening the hood, so it’s ready for production immediately.

At W16 the Weinig Group will also demonstrate its classical machines expertise with its market leading partner Hofmann, as well as the latest sanding technology from EMC.

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