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So, just who are the people behind Character Communications and what are their principles?

“Character in its broadest sense is everywhere, we interact with it every day – it’s in the buildings we live in, how we look, the work we do, the products we buy and in the people we meet, but it’s the distinct characters we always remember. Our job is therefore pretty simple – we help to furnish our client’s brands with that distinct quality through the communications we provide.
“We don’t advertise ourselves; we don’t shout about how good we are. Instead, our entire company growth has come from relationship building and recommendations. Whilst we bring the spotlight to our client’s businesses, we’re very happy to wave and smile from the background. Bringing our clients success is how Character Communications has become successful.”
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About Us
Kristien Wendt, Character’s director, started his career in advertising and worked for several of the leading ad agencies in London as a ‘Suit’. However, during a “moment of clarity” in 2003, he decided to leave and work on something he enjoyed – videogames (Although he insists that Maserati are going to call any day now on the test driver’s job!).
He joined Rebellion as their Head of Communications, with the promise of ‘building their brand’. During his tenure, Rebellion became one of Europe’s largest and most successful independent cross-format games developers.
In January 2007, Kristien launched Character Communications, growing the company year on year and expanding their remit and experience within the interactive media industry across Europe and Asia.
Lucy Kamall joined Character in January 2008 as PR director. In her 12 years’ experience covering all aspects of her craft and many different industries, including travel & tourism, finance, healthcare and technology, Lucy discovered a particular passion for architectural and building products sector (it takes all sorts!) and heads up Character’s architecture and construction client portfolio.
Lucy brings practical effort and enthusiasm – just more of what gives Character its character.
And me, well I’m Character’s character – suave, sophisticated, open and really rather nice.
Kristien Lucy
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